iOS 11 & Provisional DEP

September 18, 2017


What is Provisional DEP?

Apple Configurator 2.5 can add any iOS device to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), so you can use this streamlined process for setup and enrollment.

Before this change, Apple required proof of ownership of a device in order to approve DEP enrollment. In practice, this usually meant that only new devices purchased from specific resellers were eligible. Now any iOS device can be enrolled into DEP. But there are some specific conditions to pay attention to.


What are the requirements?

  • Your devices must be updated to iOS 11.

  • The process will erase devices. It will not preserve data.

  • You need to plug in devices into a Mac (once) to start the process.

  • The technicians running the process will need credentials to the DEP portal.

  • You may need to manually assign devices in the Apple DEP portal and/or MDM server to complete the process.

  • For 30 days after enrollment, users may choose to leave DEP (and MDM). DEP is permanent only after the 30 day provisional period has elapsed.









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