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We want to be your guide and partner in the transition from a traditional workplace to the Modern Workplace.

Technology has evolved and is still evolving at a rapid pace, enabling new ways of working and doing business.

At NIMBLE we are aware of the challenges this brings to your business units and corporate IT.

Our mission is to help companies adopt these technologies in order to move away form the traditional workplace towards the Modern Workplace, which we believe will be built upon three pillars: Enterprise Mobility, Virtualization and Cloud integration.


At NIMBLE we know that work is a thing you do, not a place you go!

The traditional workplace is fading.
Times are changing. Technology is changing. And so is the way we do business and perform our daily tasks.

We don’t need a corporate owned, traditionally managed computer and a desk in the company building anymore to be productive.

All we need is secure access to our business applications and corporate data. And we need it seamlessly, easy and secure.

The Modern Workplace enables your people to work from anywhere on any device at their most convenient time.

Enter the Modern Workplace – It is Mobile, it is Virtual and it is Flexible.


Is to work with YOU in the creation of YOUR Modern Workplace.

Expertise in Mobility, Virtualisation and Cloud.

Enthusiasm about the Modern mobile workplace.

Each client is unique. Each environment requires a different approach.

We offer our combined experience in building workplace environments.

But most of all: our enthusiasm about the Modern mobile workplace.
We LOVE working with our customers on the perfect solution for their problem.

Modern Workplace

From any place, time and device.

The Modern Workplace is not a location in your company’s premises anymore.

It is a set of tools and methods your people can use to perform their work related activities.

Apps and Data are at the center of it all.

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Managed Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Identity and Access, Content Management,

Application Management and Device Management.

Enter Mobility Services

Cloud and Virtualization

Your people need secure access to Apps and Data.

What they don’t need is a traditional workstation and a desk.

Cloud services  and Virtualized applications can help you move towards the Modern Workplace in a secure way.

Discover Cloud and Virtualization

Nimble? Works!

The future is Mobile.
In fact, the present is mobile.
But what is mobility and how can your organisation adopt mobility in a way that makes sense to your people and your business?

The NIMBLE Workspace Architects are ready to go on a journey to mobile workstyles with you

Secure Application Delivery, Mobile Device and Application Management, Cloud integration, Virtualisation, BYOD… Every organisation has a different view on what a Mobile Workspace is.

The NIMBLE Workspace Architects have designed and implemented Mobile Workstyles in many flavors for the largest organisations. We love thinking out of the box together with you!

Nimble works

Nimble works

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